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IsatPhone 2 Handset Offers

IsatPhone 2 passive installation kit

Website Price:
From: £1,890.00 ex VAT

£2,268.00 inc VAT

IsatPhone 2 Handset Offers

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone

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From: £518.59 ex VAT

£622.31 inc VAT

Airtime Plans

IsatPhone Plans

Explorer PlanTraveller PlanExecutive PlanCorporate Plan
Line Rental per month*US$41US$90US$210US$535
Minimum Term3 Months
Inclusive Minutes** per month1265200550
Additional Calls to landlines per minuteUS$1.00US$0.95US$0.95US$0.90
Additional Calls to mobile/cellular per minuteUS$1.20US$1.15US$1.15US$1.10
SMS cost per messageUS$0.45
Activation ChargeUS$50
*US$5 per month discount for Direct Debit payment included
**Inclusive minutes are valid for calls to any landline or cellular/mobile. Minutes do not roll over to the next month, calls to other destinations are not inclusive and will be at different rates, please see plans for details.

Plan pricing in U.S. Dollars and excludes VAT
Account facilities strictly subject to status

Additional Desitinations
Other Destinations For All Plans
Contract Termination Notice1 month
Calls to other IsatPhones phones ($/min)$1.50
Voice calls to BGAN, Fleet Broadband & Swift Broadband($/min)$1.00
Voice calls to other unspecified satellite systems ($/min)$7.00
Calls to voicemail outside of inclusive minutes ($/min)$1.00
Data Calls to Inmarsat service (2.4kbps) & additional minutes ($/min)$1.00
Voicemail subscriptionIncluded
Itemised billing chargeIncluded
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with SIM
Website Price:
£393.87 ex VAT

£472.64 inc VAT

with SIM
Website Price:
£3,267.67 ex VAT

£3,921.20 inc VAT

with SIM
Website Price:
£758.56 ex VAT

£910.27 inc VAT

with SIM
Website Price:
£1,750.53 ex VAT

£2,100.64 inc VAT

with SIM
Website Price:
£93.36 ex VAT

£112.03 inc VAT

with SIM
Website Price:
£208.60 ex VAT

£250.32 inc VAT

with SIM
Website Price:
£48.14 ex VAT

£57.77 inc VAT


IsatPhone Pro Prepaid ServiceUnit PriceMeasure
Voice Calls to landline (PSTN) per minute1.3per minute
Voice Calls to cellular/mobile phones (PLMN) per minute1.3per minute
Voice Calls to IsatPhone per minute1.5per minute
SMS to IsatPhone Pros or email (1600 characters max.)0.5per 160 characters*
Voice call to other satellite destinations2.5 to 6.9per minute

*First 160 characters includes the destination email address.
Voice will have a minimum duration of 30 with billing increments of 15 seconds.

We quote all our monthly airtime plans in US Dollars because this is the currency that Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya work in.
If you sign up for a monthly plan with a direct debit you will receive your invoice in GB Pounds Sterling converted from US Dollars using a competitive exchange rate at the time of billing.
Monthly plans have a minimum term, the first month's service charge is pro rata, the last month's is not and is payable in full.


Battery Life
  • Standby time: Up to 45 hours
  • Talk time: Up to 8 hours
Operating Temperature
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 °C to +55 °C
General Features
  • Dependable connectivity
  • High voice quality
  • Voicemail, text and email messaging
  • Extended battery capacity
  • Assistance button – sends GPS location data to pre-set emergency number
  • Tracking – sends location information
  • Bluetooth for hands-free use
  • Incoming call alerts with antenna stowed
  • Ergonomic and ruggedised handset
Handset Features
  • Fast network registration in under 45 seconds
  • Easy to use in multiple languages
  • Dust, splash and shock resistant (IP65, IK04)
  • Humidity tolerance from 0 to 95 percent
  • High-visibility, scratch-resistant transflective display readable in bright sunlight



Inmarsat Coverage Map
  • This map is illustrative of Inmarsat i4 coverage. It does not provide a guarantee of the extent of service availability. From November 2013, Alphasat coverage in the EMEA region prioritises the region north of 44°S, and service may degrade south of this latitude.
  • Customers are recommended to contact the Embassy or Trade Commission of any destination country, prior to entry into a country.


IsatPhone 2 Accessories

IsatPhone 2 Holster

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£35.76 ex VAT

£42.91 inc VAT

IsatPhone 2 Accessories

IsatPhone 2 Accessories

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From: £0.00 ex VAT

£0.00 inc VAT

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£79.84 ex VAT

£95.81 inc VAT