FleetBroadband and FleetOne Global Coverage Map
FleetBroadband and FleetOne Global Coverage Map
Inmarsat Fleet One Global Monthly Plans

Fleet One Global Plan

Allowance PlanCosts
Monthly FeeUS $124
Minimum Term3 Months
Activation FeeUS $50
Inclusive Monthly AllowanceUS $124
MByte Equivalent of Monthly Allowance12.5
Standard IP Rate Per MByteUS $9.85
Voice to Cellular / Mobile / Fixed / BGAN / FBB / SBB / IsatPhone / Voicemail per MinuteUS $0.62
Voice to Inmarsat B / Inmarsat M / Inmarsat Mini-M / GAN / Fleet / Swift / Aero per MinuteUS $4.00
Voice to Iridium / Thuraya / Globalstar and other MSS Systems per MinuteUS $10.00
Text Message per MessageUS$ 0.42
To be eligible for the Fleet One Global Plan, the following conditions must all be met at all times throughout the
Service Term
(a) Vessels must have a Maritime Mobile Security Identity (MMSI) which is to be provided upon provisioning
(b) Vessels must receive the service using an Inmarsat type approved Fleet One terminal, and
(c) "Vessels" must not be floating / fixed platform, or rigs