Simplex 100Simplex 200Simplex Unlimited**
Monthly Service Cost*US$44US$48US$62
Web-tracking ServiceIncludedIncludedIncluded
Inclusive transmissions per Month100200Unlimited
Additional 9 Byte Message per MessageUS$0.30US$0.30NA
Connection ChargeUS$60US$60US$60
Minimum Term12 Months12 Months12 Months
Contract termination notice1 Month1 Month1 Month
*$5 per month discount for Direct Debit payment included
**Not available for use in Australia and New Zealand under any circumstance

Suitable for use with these SmartOne devices.

Globalstar SmartOne Solar Asset Tracker
Regular Price: £263.35
£229.00 ex VAT

£274.80 inc VAT

Globalstar SmartOne C satellite tracker
Regular Price: £148.29
£128.95 ex VAT

£154.74 inc VAT