Rent the Iridium GO Satellite WiFi Terminal

We offer a firmware upgrade service which can be ordered here

The Iridium GO! firmware version 2.1.22 is available for download below.

Checking firmware version on Iridium GO! device:

  • Press either left or right navigation button for menu to appear
  • Press “NEXT” button until you get to “INFORMATION” option
  • Press “SELECT”
  • Note the SSID number and f/w (firmware) version


Download the Firmware and Instructions from

Iridium GO! Firmware and Instructions Link

Having the firmware ready is a 2 step process

  • Download firmware
  • Unzip firmware


Please follow the instructions available in the PDF downloaded with the firmware above.

You will need to connect to the Iridium GO!’s Wifi and then go to a page in your web browser full details are in the PDF