Rent the Iridium GO Satellite WiFi Terminal

Please note that firmware updates are done at the users risk, it is important to follow instructions precisely to minimise risk of damage.

The Iridium GO! firmware version 2.1.22 is available for download below.

Checking firmware version on Iridium GO! device:

  • Press either left or right navigation button for menu to appear
  • Press “NEXT” button until you get to “INFORMATION” option
  • Press “SELECT”
  • Note the SSID number and f/w (firmware) version


Download the Firmware and Instructions from

Iridium GO! Firmware and Instructions Link

Having the firmware ready is a 2 step process

  • Download firmware
  • Unzip firmware


Please follow the instructions available in the PDF downloaded with the firmware above.

You will need to connect to the Iridium GO!’s Wifi and then go to a page in your web browser full details are in the PDF